MIIA Town of Amherst

Plan Effective Date: 7/1/2018


Member Service

Have questions about your benefits? Call Member Service at the number on your ID card.

Find a Doctor & Estimate Costs
  • Find doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other health care providers.
  • Get cost estimates for over 1,600 common medical procedures.
  • Read and write reviews on doctors.
  • Compare up to ten doctors.

An easier way to access your health care plan and claims information.

Everything you need to access is easy to find with our simplified navigation.

  • View detailed plan information (benefits, deductible)
  • View health financial accounts
  • Access claims and review history in one convenient spot

A more personalized experience.

We recognize who you are and provide you the information you may need and are interested in.

Streamlined access to your claims.

Medical, pharmacy, dental, and vision claims are located in one convenient spot.

MyBlue Member App

Manage your personal health care information quickly and easily from the convenience of your mobile device. Use the app to:

  • Access an interactive ID card, and email a copy to your doctor
  • Direct dial important phone numbers, like Member Service
  • Review recent claims, doctor visits, and prescriptions
  • Find nearby doctors, dentists, and hospitals
  • View information for dependents under 18

The MyBlue Member App is not available for members with Federal Employee Program (FEP), Blue Benefit Administrators (BBA), Ancillary (Indigo),® Medicare Advantage or stand alone Part D plans, or those with standalone dental, vision, or wellness coverage.

Member Identity Protection Services

The identity protection of our members' private information is our top priority. To provide you with optimal protection, we offer you identity protection services through Experian®, an industry leader in providing credit monitoring and identity theft protection services. This service is being provided to you, free of charge, for as long as you are a Blue Cross member.